Our expertise

Marine Benchmark was founded in 2012 by Torbjörn Rydbergh and Borje Berneblad, each with over 20 years experience in the maritime industry, data management and analysis.

Marine Benchmark’s core area of expertise is creating technology that enables clients to see a clear picture of what is happening in their industry so they can make more informed business decisions.

Stemming from a lifetime of experience in shipping and data analysis, Marine Benchmark has a history of producing advanced vessel analysis, and quickly took the lead in developing vessel statistics based on AIS. Today Marine Benchmark holds a powerful database of shipping and trade information that can be manipulated and analysed to meet your needs.

Our History

June 2012 Marine Benchmark started with a data feed from IHS Markit.

June 2013 – Marine Benchmark launched Seaweb Ship Performance at Norshipping.

December 2013 – Marine Benchmark qualifies for Sweden’s “Born Global” start up program

June 2015 – Marine Benchmark’s web-based client solutions interface launched

June 2016 – Marine Benchmark engaged in SUMMETH, the Sustainable Marine Methanol project

June 2017 – Marine Benchmark advises on the ShipCLEAN energy efficiency optimization project

June 2019 Marine Benchmark partners with Kongsberg Digital to provide global business intelligence on the Kognifai ecosystem.

November 2019 – Marine Benchmark partners with leading independent shipbroker Simpson Spence Young.

November 2022 – Marine Benchmark partners with Xeneta and launch CEI – Carbon Emissions Index